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Lavender Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 100g


Lavender Earl Grey is an inspired Earl Grey tea blend featuring pure lavender flowers for a refined and soothing tea taste. For this lovely blend, we selected luxury black tea and enhanced it with the addition of classic highly fragrant bergamot oil and pure soothing lavender flowers.

Bergamot oil is the key to making a classic Earl Grey taste the way it should. Floral and distinctive lavender make this a lovely Earl Grey tea blend that takes the classic flavor to another level. Once steeped, the rich and balanced organic tea taste highlights the bold bergamot oil and lovely lavender flavor. Breathe in while you steep for additional soothing benefits.

Try our Lavender Earl Grey tea any way you like it – hot, iced, sweetened with your choice of milk, or as a tea latte, Lavender Earl Grey is sure to delight.



Organic black tea, organic lavender, natural oil of bergamot.